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This week’s chic.toronto.fave is coming a day early!

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to try out a new shop nestled in the Church and Wellesley area. For my gluten-free heart, this was such a treat!

Introducing Fuel +, you new one-stop shop for all things healthy, nutritious, and sometimes, even gluten-free – and this week’s chic.toronto.fave!

fuel owners

Owners of Fuel+
Via Facebook

Fuel + is one of those stores that when you enter, you just feel relaxed and at home. Gone is the hustle and bustle of the everyday norm coffee shop and introduced in a casual environment that immediately acts as a de-stresser. The beautiful shop is situated in the vibrant Chruch and Maitland area – super easy to reach whether your walking, taking the subway, or coming from outside the city (hello, parking across the street!)

fuel food

Via Facebook

Fuel + is completely designed with your health in mind. Taking the notion that eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank, they offer an in-store cafe, takeout, and small amounts of ‘healthy brand’ groceries. Owners Chester and Gary made a conscious decision to create different food and drink options that were accessible, affordable, and with the same taste you know and love. Eating healthy shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste nor cost. Love!

holistic wall

At the back of the store, there are three separate walls that provide different options. The first is a wall of ‘Holistic Experience’, which contains items that are both good for you and the environment.

top of holistic wall

Here you’ll find reusable Fuel + mason jars which will help mitigate the amount of plastic you use.


Secondly, you’ll find the infamous Fuel + stainless steel water bottle. This little gadget will keep your liquids cold for over 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Wowza. These little bottles, available in a bevy of colours, is one of the most popular items in store.

third wall

The second & third wall contains refrigerated content and a large amount of cool drinks and icy treats! Here’s you’ll find chilled Tonica and other health drinks, along with a selection of frozen soy ice cream, gelato, etc.

yummy treats

A collection of gluten free brownies and protein balls!

Singlehandedly the best part of Fuel +, is their menu. As someone who is trying really hard to be gluten-free, I’m beyond thankful for their gluten-free options. As Chester stated, gluten-free doesn’t have to be deprivation and starvation. In my case, unfortunately, this is normally the case. But at Fuel +, I can happily say that I sampled the menu without fear of repercussions!

and the menu is delicious.


Available at the front are a range of Sweets from the Earth cookies and muffins, organic potato chips, organic milk, gluten-free biscotti, and Vega protein bars. My personal favourite? The gluten-free brownies which are so decadent you wouldn’t be able to tell they weren’t from the bakery down the street, and the ‘Fuel Balls‘, a 100 calorie treat that contains all the  protein, fat and carbohydrate you need before you start your day, or your workout. In the delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip flavour, it was absolutely decadent.

food 1

food 3

food 2

Interested in a sit down meal? Fuel + caters to those who want a meal with ‘Mike’s Kitchen‘. Available are such delectable delicacies like a Marinated Vegetable Salad complete with a roll-call of vegetables, Gluten-Free Pasta and Peanut Salad complete with brown rice pasta, and Organic Gluten-Free Pasta Al Forno (baked pasta).

food 4

food 5

food 6

Last, but certainly not least, is Fuel +’s impressive drink menu. Available are ’23 Degrees’ brand of coffee available for less than regular coffee shops, cappuccino’s, espressos, and a large amount of protein shakes. The protein shakes are available in such delicious flavours such as Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate, Blueberry Banana Vanilla Chai, Fruity Mixed Berry, Kiwi Kale Detox and Vegan Pina Colada. For $5.99 CAN, you’ve got a yummy protein shake to keep you going throughout the day.

An interesting side note about Fuel + for those runners amongst us – at least 3 different running groups launch out of Fuel + three times a week. In the Church and Wellesley area? Try it out!

Want to get social with Fuel +? They can be found at the following avenues:

Big thanks to both Strut Entertainment and Fuel + for entertaining me!

Has anyone else been to Fuel +? Leave a comment!  As always, be sure to like chic.toronto on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and now join me on bloglovin’. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

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