beauty.picks: My Everyday Makeup Arsenal

My Beauty Arsenal

If you remember from a few weeks ago, we discussed our skincare routines and how they differ.

I’m always interested in hearing everyone’s unique beauty routines because it’s such a definition of what makes us … us! And also, I’m a little nosy! I’m love peaking into everyone’s makeup kit and analyzing everyone’s tried and true favourites.

So, if I’m going to ask about yours, you might as well see mine! Here are my tried and true, desert island, beauty favourites! See anything you like?

…for the lips (too many too choose! here are my essentials)

Blistex Lip Medex

BLISTEX LIP MEDEXREVLON BALM STAINS: The little blue tub of amazingness. I’ve been using this gem since high school – before the makeup and moisturization obsession. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who hasn’t at least tried this amazing little tub of perfection. Providing intense moisturization and a pleasant little tingly feeling, this lip product is great for anytime of the day. Bonus: it’s a necessity in the wintertime.


REVLON BALM STAINSThese babies are like giant crayons. It’s almost impossible to mess up application on these, and they’re just so fun to apply with their chubby sticks! Available in a wide range of colours and usually retailing for less than $10.00 CAN, you’re able to keep two or three in your purse for emergency touch-ups. My go-to colours are ROMANTIC (far right red) and CHERISH (fourth over bright pink). 

…for the eyes

Maybelline Liquid Liner

MAYBELLINE LINE WORKS LIQUID EYELINERI never stray from my go-to liquid liner. I’m as devoted to it as most people are to significant others (haha). I’ve tried many other liquid liners (in fact, my first post at Toronto Beauty Reviews was all about liquid liners) but I’ve always come back to Maybelline. Singlehandedly the best liquid liner on the market that provides longevity, permanence and affordability. This liquid liner is the best for creating those Adele cat-eyes! 

Benefit They're Real

BENEFIT ‘THEY’RE REAL’ MASCARA: I’m a recent covert to the Benefit team. I’ve heard SO much about this mascara from fellow beauty bloggers that I had to try it out. While it retails for more than normal (approximately $30.00 CAN per tube), it’s well worth the price. Perhaps one of the few mascaras that actually does what it claims, this little wand will ensure that your lashes look as if you’re wearing falsies. Also, it actively curls the lashes without a crazy curling device. 

…for the face

MUFE Foundation

MAKEUP FOREVER HD INVISIBLE COVER FOUNDATION: I’ve been through the ringer with foundations because my skin is oh-so pale. Lucky for me, MUFE makes an incredible foundation for us ghost-skinned ladies that perfectly blend into the skin. I could not blend this and it still matches my skin tone. Their long-lasting, pore-blurring formula is probably one of the best on the market. Retailing for over $50.00 CAN, it is a splurge but with so many available tones to match your skin, it’s worth it.

Baker blush

CARYL BAKER BLUSHESThe blush I currently use was from a CARYL BAKER collection that is no longer available, but their current blushes are very similar in colour. CARYL BAKER stands above for me simply because it’s highly pigmented and has a long-lasting permanency. It’s so smooth to apply and provides this really ‘pretty glow from within’ that doesn’t look fake. My favourite part is that is glides over skin imperfections, meaning if you have dry skin, this blush won’t make it noticeable. A must buy! Retails for $22.50 CAN. 


ESSENCE HIGHLIGHTER PEN: Retailing for less than $3.00, this highlighter pen from ESSENCE was the best thing I’ve ever bought from the brand. Amazing highlighter, amazing colour, perfect for many skin tones, and completely affordable. Too bad it’s no longer available. 

LOreal Concealer

L’OREAL PARIS MAGIC LUMI CONCEALER: For those times when I need a little extra coverage, I trust L’OREAL! So far, it’s been one of the few products that cover my dark circles completely, or camouflage my red spots. Retailing for less than $12.00 CAN, it’s a decent drugstore concealer for those of us looking for skin tone matching and affordability! 

There you have it! This is my daily beauty routine – obviously excluding evenings, where all the fun makeup breaks out! What’s your daily beauty routine? Let’s discuss in the comments. As always, be sure to like chic.toronto on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and now join me on bloglovin’. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

6 thoughts on “beauty.picks: My Everyday Makeup Arsenal

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  2. I’ve got to try those Revlon lip sticks they look great. I’m using a similar one right now from the Mary Kay At Play line and it’s great.
    My go to concealer is the Lancome EFFACERNES but it’s $32 … although it does last me a long time since I use it sparingly.

    • I’ve heard amazing things about LANCOME in general. Have you tried their mascaras?

      I’ve never tried MARY KAY – I think I need to get on that.

      There are a lot of high end brands that work phenomenally – I used to use MUFE everything religiously until my bank account was like ‘calm down’.

      • yes i worked for Lancome for quite a few years actually! Their mascaras are amazing. Worth the price.

        I just recently tried Mary Kay (as you saw on the blog lol) and I’m really loving everything I purchased, very impressed!

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