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If you remember from a few chic.toronto.faves posts ago, WANTABLE is a monthly subscription box for either beauty or jewellery that is specifically catered to you. By simply taking a quiz, you get to pick your own preferences in terms of beauty and jewellery likes to ensure that you get a box that totally screams ‘you‘.

In the past, I’ve had a subscription to the WANTABLE jewellery box (see review here) and I adored it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it was to get jewellery in the mail every month. It was always a special surprise! Yet I was always curious about the beauty side of the website.

I was lucky enough to get exclusive access to a beauty box that was specifically catered to me. How did I like it? Read on!

Wantable Beauty Box

My Instagram of the Wantable Box

I jumped at the chance to get an exclusive beauty box because I was truly curious about the contents. According to WANTABLE’s website, the beauty boxes come stocked with 4 to 5 full-size beauty items. Full-sized? Definitely intrigued.

Now, when checking out the information, the prices per month seem a little steep. For instance, the beauty box costs $36.00 per month or a $40.00 one-time-box option. For $36.00, I’m hoping that the beauty picks are sensational.

Here are the beauty products that I got in my box.

Pomegranate Nails

POMEGRANATE NAIL LAQUER in PRINCE CHARMER: This is a really beautiful pale purple nail laquer. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with nail colours, so this is a pretty new addition to my collection. POMEGRANATE is a new brand to me, so I was happy to see a brand I was unfamiliar with as part of the beauty box. I’m sensing it’s going to be a great way to introduce new products to my routine. 

Besame Lipstick

BESAME COSMETICS CLASSIC COLOUR LIPSTICK in EXOTIC PINK: I had never even heard of this brand before I got this box! After doing a little research, this luxurious beauty brand is huge in both Europe and Asia. This little lip colour retails for at least $25.00 a tube! I can see why the lipstick costs so much – it’s the definitely of luxury wholeheartedly. The lipstick contains Vitamin E, A and C, aloe, and green tea. The highly pigmented (and I mean highly pigmented) colour lasts throughout the day with no reason to reapply. What’s super amazing is that the website will give you the lipstick that best suits your skin tone! What also needs to be mentioned is the elegant packaging this lipstick comes in. The lipstick comes in it’s own little velvet pouch, and the case is elegant gold bullet, reminiscent of the 1940’s. How luxurious! 

Brazen Blush

BRAZEN ORGANIC MINERAL BLUSH in AMOROUS: I do love a good blush – and a good blush is really hard to find! Browsing the website, I’m already in love. It’s got a classy, pin-up girl feel to it. The shade AMOROUS is a bright coral shade that has a hint of golden-tanned shimmer that help bring the best out of your complexion. It’s a universal shade, meaning that it works well on both cool and warm complexions. The organic part of this blush means it contains vitamins, extracts, Vitamin C & E, green tea and rose hip extract. It retails for between $12.99 to $17.99 US. What’s super cool and unique to this blush? The packaging! It’s literally stamped against ink as if placing a seal. Very 1800’s! 

Neiman Marcus Lips

NEIMAN MARCUS LIP PLUMPER: Ah, the only miss. I’ve got full lips already and they definitely don’t need any help. And seeing how the website won’t even let me view the product, I can’t give any background! The plumper is a clear lipstick, and has an intense minty scent. If I had smaller lips, I would definitely try out, but for fear of looking like a fish, I think I’ll skip this one. 

Skinn Line Filler

SKIIN COSMETICS INSTANT SKIN TIGHTENER & LINE FILLERLittle wary of this product – is it full sized? (It’s not). It looks like a sample tube (It is). It kind of breaks the whole ‘full sized’ motto, but seeing as the product itself retails for over $40.00 for a tiny tube, I’ll ignore it. It’s got a lovely light red colour to the filler and I’m interested to see if it actually works. Dubbed ‘Plastic Surgery in a Bottle’ , this filler tightens lines and rehydrates instantly – you’ll see results instantaneously. It looks to be one of those miracle products, so I’m anxious to try! 

Overall, I’m impressed with what I received in my beauty box. The overall price of the pieces individually is well over the price of the box itself. Seeing as all these beauty products were specifically picked for me, I’m happy with the results. Other than the lip plumper, they are products I would purchase myself.

Has anyone else tried WANTABLE beauty boxes? What did you think? Leave a comment! As always, be sure to like chic.toronto on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and now join me on bloglovin’. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

DISCLAIMER: WANTABLE Beauty box was sent complimentary and for review purposes. 

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