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God, I LOVE etsy.

If you’re unfamiliar with the site, etsy is an e-commerce website where users sell their handmade and or vintage items. Users get their own storefront where they can promote their own products for sale. The best thing about etsy is that it’s a broad range site – literally anything you could think of under the sun is available for sale!

While doing my browsing on etsy, I found a shop that stopped me dead in my tracks. I was drawn in by the absolutely stunning illustrations of Jessica Durrant, etsy shop named @JessicaIllustration. Taking fashion and artistic illustrations to an unmatchable level, come see why JessicaIllustration is this week’s chic.toronto.fave. 

"Winter" - $25.00

“Winter” – $25.00

I’m not the only one who is in love with Durrant’s designs. Her etsy shop boasts over 4,500 individual sales and near to 20,000 admirers. It’s naturally to see Durrant’s raw talent in her work – the impeccable way that she captures both the womanly form and natural landscapes can only be a natural gift!

Starting her love affair with all things art at the tender age of 3 – 4 years old, art just came naturally to Durrant! Art became intwined with Durrant’s everyday life after she took art courses as a teenager, with her finally majoring in Illustration at Southern Utah University. In her own words, art was a huge motivation:

“Frankly because I didn’t feel like there was anything else I knew how to do well. It was the only thing that really excited and motivated me.”

JD Promise of Spring

“Promise of Spring” – $25.00

Art and illustration evolved into a career in Museum Studies, with Durrant working at a few different art museums during her career. Illustration would come later – in Durrant’s own words:

“I was not ready at that time in my life to be an illustrator. Illustration is a very difficult field, any career in art is. But on the bright side, if you persevere you will see yourself grow and accomplish your dreams.”

"Dreams & Nightmares" - $26.00

“Dreams & Nightmares” – $26.00

When illustrating finally did work it’s way into her life, it wasn’t exactly by choice!

“I didn’t really set out to be a fashion illustrator. I just painted what I liked and sincerely wanted to get better. I had to stop emulating my favourite artists (which is something everyone does in the beginning) and find my own voice. Sounds so cheesy. But once I focused on my own progress and work, that’s when things began to change for me.”

EDITORS NOTE: I absolutely adore that quote by Durrant above because I think it’s truly relatable to anyone.

"Paris in Winter" - $25.00

“Paris in Winter” – $25.00

Now, here comes the power of etsy! Durrant’s work gained a following through the power of social media (do a quick search on Pinterest of Durrant’s name and you’ll find pages of pins from fans) and bloggers – with etsy becoming the biggest platform of Durrant’s work! This lead Durrant to be able to take on more freelance work and licensing. Currently boasting over 9 pages of unique illustrations, it’s safe to say that Durrant’s work has become a genuine success. Durrant thanks etsy for the opportunity:

“Etsy has changed my life. I feel a strong sense of loyalty to Etsy because I think they have a pure mission-to allow artisans to share their work with people around the world. I cannot believe all the people and companies I hear from that found me through Etsy. It’s kinda crazy…and I’m thrilled. It’s never boring.”

JD Mad About McQueen

“Mad About McQueen” – $26.00

In finality, Durrant has some works of advice for anyone in the artistic field:

“Study, practice, observe, and never be afraid to let go and create art that might not be what you had in mind. Stay curious and passionate.”

"World Map" - $25.00

“World Map” – $25.00

Durrant currently teaches painting courses at The Art Station Big Shanty in the United States. Her work has been featured in Target, One Kings Lane,,, Westfield Malls, Country Living Magazine, Rue Magazine, UK’s Livingetc Magazine, Matchbook Magazine, 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty New Zealand, The Little Green Notebook, ELLE Brazil, The Glamourai, IN London magazine, SHOP Till You Drop Magazine Australia and other publications worldwide. WOW.

One of my favourite parts about Durrant’s work for me is the affordability – her illustrated prints run from between $22.00 CAN – $45.00 CAN per print. Custom sizes are available to suit your needs. Furthermore, Durrant sells originals on her site, if you’re interested in owning a piece of original work.

"The Vamp" - $28.00

“The Vamp” – $28.00

Here are the four pieces that I purchased for myself. Adorned against the glitter frames bought from MICHAELS, Durrant’s designs really pop!

JessicaIllustrations Mine

I’ve been showcasing some of Durrant’s work throughout this post, but you can find her entire set of listings available here.

Want to get social with Durrant and JessicaIllustrations? Find her at the following avenues:

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All illustrations are owned by Jessica Durrant. All artwork is copyrighted.

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