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I can no longer deny it – it’s definitely the Christmas season. With the Christmas season comes the inevitable gift giving! I personally love shopping for presents – I put a lot of thought and detail into every single gift I give, including right down to the wrapping paper. I love giving thoughtful and useful gifts, and rely on gift cards only as a last case scenario.

But what about those ‘hard-to-buy-for’ people? We all have at least one in our life! Well, I’ve stumbled across a fabulous site called THE COLLECTIONARY that is sure to provide you with at least a few interesting and unique options for those who are hard-to-buy-for!

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What’s THE COLLECTIONARY? A collection of “collections”. There are avid fans out there who are ‘collectors’ – meaning that they covet, buy, and possible sell items of value from a particular brand, image, or group. THE COLLECTIONARY simplifies the process. THE COLLECTIONARY is a dictionary of numerous brands, images, or companies that people like to collect.

What’s even better about THE COLLECTIONARY is that it’s not just a one-stop-shop for purchasing – the site also provides helpful facts and history to the items in question.

THE COLLECTIONARY calls upon specialized moderators whose main purpose is to search for new and unique collection pieces. That kind of background behind the website like this is phenomenal!

Here are a few COLLECTIONARY collections that caught my eye. Perfect for holiday shopping, yes?

Vinyl Records

  • THE BEATLESGreat for the Dad who wants a vintage THE BEATLES record! Scouring the site, I see a few things that catch my eye – a 1964 signed photograph from the band, an original RIAA gold record from ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’, and a vintage THE BEATLES fanclub patch. 

Vintage Baseball Cards

  • BASEBALL CARDSFor baseball lovers around, perhaps you’ll find that one card that makes this Christmas special? Searching the collection, and I see cards ranging from the 1950’s to now. Perhaps that collection you’ve been sitting on is worth something here? 

Marilyn Monroe Collectables

  • MARILYN MONROEThe blonde bombshell! I’m loving the beautiful canvas’ and clothing in this collection. Searching their online collection, I’ve found a beautiful four piece duvet set of MARILYN’s image, MARILYN MONROE quote wall decals, and a Betsey Johnson MARILYN MONROE purse. 

Vintage Mickey

  • MICKEY MOUSEFor lovers of the Forever 21 collection I posted a few weeks ago, here is the collection for you! A super-impressive collection that boasts almost 40,000 fans contains some amazingly adorable collectables. A quick browse has statement pieces like a four MICKEY MOUSE face knobs, a massive 1980’s MICKEY MOUSE in store display, and a 1979 zippo MICKEY MOUSE lighter. 


  • VINTAGE JEWELLERYAh, a collection right up my alley! My eye is on the vintage turquoise hair pick set straight from DOWNTON ABBEY, the 1.44 carat vintage sapphire blue engagement ring, and the 1950’s OSCAR HEYMAN diamond bracelet. 

There are literally hundreds of collections available – for us beauty and style fans, there are tons of different brands, companies, and jewellery makes available. Simple browsing came across Juicy Couture, Rolex watches, Micheal Kors, Chanel handbags, Tiffany jewellery, etc.

Want to get social with THE COLLECTIONARY? You can find them here:

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