Introducing YoungAdult Series Insider

YA Series

I’ve reviewed a few Young Adult novels here on chic.toronto, and I’m constantly impressed by the intriguing stories that YA constantly provides. With the success of stories like THE HUNGER GAMES, THE 5TH WAVE, and DIVERGENT, it’s obvious that the world of Young Adult is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and covetable.

Have you ever wanted insider access to your favourite Young Adult novels? How about the untold stories behind them? I’m happy to introduce a new blog that will showcase all of that! Introducing YA Series Insider!

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film.feature: Upcoming Book-to-Film Movies You Need to See

Never Judge a Book

I’ve been neglecting the film side of this blog – my apologies. It’s not that I haven’t been seeing movies – I watch new movies on almost a weekly basis – it’s just I haven’t been writing about them. Oops!

Today, I’ve got a feature on the most promising upcoming book-to-film adaptations that need to be on your must-see list. These films are being adapted from some of the best literary reads of all time – did your literary favourites make the list?

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lit.picks: Winter Books 2013

Winter lit.picks 2013

In the past, I’ve created lists of the must-read books for the upcoming seasons (you’ll can find the summer and fall lit.picks in the links attached). Now, I’ve got books for you to read while you’re cozying up next to the fireplace with a cop of cocoa!

Get lost in these books during the upcoming snowy months!

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chic.giveaway: Winner!

rsz_1chictorontoTwo weeks ago, chic.toronto launched it’s very first giveaway, meant to thank everyone for helping chic.toronto reach over 1,000 followers.

Words can’t express how overwhelmed I am at the response to this giveaway! With over 2,100 entries, there’s a lot of people vying for this amazing prize pack!

Let’s overview what the winner will receive:

  • (1) Kona Kare Body Butter in Thyme Tea & Floral scent
  • (1) Kona Kare Lip Butter in French Vanilla
  • (1) Dot & Lil Shower Scrub bar in Oatmeal & Honey scent
  • (2) Maybelline Colour Whisper Lip Colours in Pink Possibilities & Cherry on Top
  • (2) Rimmel London Long Lasting Polishes in French Cafe & Steel Grey
  • (2) Revlon Lip Balm Stains in Romantic & Honey
  • (2) Essie Nail Colours in Eternal Optimist & Mademoiselle
  • (1) Hard Candy Nail Polish in Celebrate Sequins
  • (1) Revlon Nail File in Funky Patterning
  • (1) Pair of H&M Knitted Mittens in Cream
  • (1) H&M Knitted Tube Scarf in Cream
  • () ALDO Accessories Harmoine Necklace in Turquoise
  • (1) copy of THE GREAT GATBSY on DVD Blu-Ray combo pack
  • (2) of the novels featured previously on chic.toronto’s or lit.picks.

Now, who is the winner of this amazing prize pack? Find out under the cut!

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It’s October!

Last month I started a monthly series entitled, where I find beauty, style, and books for less than $10.00 CAN. It’s completely possible to add special little statements to your wardrobe or beauty routine for less than $10.00 CAN. It’s also completely possible to get amazing books for less than $10.00 CAN. Being on a budget is something that the majority of women can understand – for me, I’m scaling back on purchases. To know that I can still treat myself to something special and not break the bank is completely important!

So above and below, I’ve got 7 items you can choose from to add to your life without counting pennies. Keep reading!

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chic.giveaway: Thank You! {closed}


chic.toronto has been around only since March, but I am insanely proud of it’s progress. Because of readers like you, I can now state that I have over 1,000 followers over the various forms of social media, and the blog itself.

I’m beyond floored. I didn’t anticipate that anyone would read this site when I started, and I’m insanely happy and humbled it’s gotten this far in less than a year.

Because of that, I’ve decided to host a GIVEAWAY to my loyal readers! Included? A whole bunch of chic.fave items that I’m sure you’ll love just as much as I do! Included are items that I’ve reviewed in the past on chic.toronto, others are just some of my tried and true favourites that are always in my beauty, style, literature and movie arsenal.

Chic Toronto Giveaway!

Come see what can be yours and enter, all after the cut!

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Apocalyptic YA books seem to be all the rage now, yes? Perhaps started with THE HUNGER GAMES, teenagers facing impossible odds is a lit trend on the rise…and I can’t seem to get enough! From previous THE 5TH WAVE to today’s review of MONUMENT 14 by Emmy Laybourne, apocalyptic YA novels are here to stay.

A freak hail storm causes a school bus to crash into a local grocery store. Going outside soon rules to be suicide. How do these kids survive on their own? Read on!

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If you remember from my FALL lit.picks post, OMENS by Kelley Armstrong was one of the first listed. My first foray into Armstrong literature, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was instantly captivated by the synopsis, which lead to me devouring this novel in record time. What did I think?

A Gothic novel that plays upon the bonds of family, ancient rituals, and serial killers, come read my review of OMENS by Kelley Armstrong below.

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