Have a love affair with all things film? Always got your nose in the latest book? Do you try the latest lip trend immediately? Want to write about it? I’m open to contributors! Email me at to get in touch.



Meet Alessandra.

I’m a lover of…a lot! I’m a sucker for heels but love my flats. Pearls, lace, and bows get me every time. I’m a total bargain shopper. I love make-up, but don’t wear a lot of it. I’ve learned to embrace my curls and am a total hair product junkie. I love food. Decorating cakes is a sweet hobby of mine. And like Ashley, I share a love for literature!

You’ll see me pop up here and there on chic.toronto every so often sharing my thoughts and experiences. Enjoy!

Want to check out Alessandra’s posts? Click here!


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