beauty.picks: My Everyday Makeup Arsenal

My Beauty Arsenal

If you remember from a few weeks ago, we discussed our skincare routines and how they differ.

I’m always interested in hearing everyone’s unique beauty routines because it’s such a definition of what makes us … us! And also, I’m a little nosy! I’m love peaking into everyone’s makeup kit and analyzing everyone’s tried and true favourites.

So, if I’m going to ask about yours, you might as well see mine! Here are my tried and true, desert island, beauty favourites! See anything you like?

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beauty.feature: The Glitter Statement Nail

Glitter Statement NailHello, my pretty!

You definitely don’t have to add hardware to your nails to make a pretty, simple, and classy statement. I’ve been growing out my nails (successfully, I might add), and I’ve finally understood why playing around with nail polish is so popular! After months of painting my nails solid colours, I wanted a cheap, classy, and chic way to play up my nails without breaking the budget and with limited crafty experience.

Enter glitter nail polish!

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