chic.toronto.fave: The Collectionary

The Collectionary Logo

I can no longer deny it – it’s definitely the Christmas season. With the Christmas season comes the inevitable gift giving! I personally love shopping for presents – I put a lot of thought and detail into every single gift I give, including right down to the wrapping paper. I love giving thoughtful and useful gifts, and rely on gift cards only as a last case scenario.

But what about those ‘hard-to-buy-for’ people? We all have at least one in our life! Well, I’ve stumbled across a fabulous site called THE COLLECTIONARY that is sure to provide you with at least a few interesting and unique options for those who are hard-to-buy-for!

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chic.toronto.fave: Jessica Durrant Illustrations

Jessica Durrant Header

God, I LOVE etsy.

If you’re unfamiliar with the site, etsy is an e-commerce website where users sell their handmade and or vintage items. Users get their own storefront where they can promote their own products for sale. The best thing about etsy is that it’s a broad range site – literally anything you could think of under the sun is available for sale!

While doing my browsing on etsy, I found a shop that stopped me dead in my tracks. I was drawn in by the absolutely stunning illustrations of Jessica Durrant, etsy shop named @JessicaIllustration. Taking fashion and artistic illustrations to an unmatchable level, come see why JessicaIllustration is this week’s chic.toronto.fave. 

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chic.toronto.fave: Fuel +

fuel logo

This week’s chic.toronto.fave is coming a day early!

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to try out a new shop nestled in the Church and Wellesley area. For my gluten-free heart, this was such a treat!

Introducing Fuel +, you new one-stop shop for all things healthy, nutritious, and sometimes, even gluten-free – and this week’s chic.toronto.fave!

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chic.toronto.fave: Beckie Di Leo Fine Artistry

Beckie Di Leo Header

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend THE ART OF FASHION for the second year in a row, on behalf of Toronto Beauty Reviews. A fantastic night of live music, fashion competition, and boutique shopping, frequent chic.contributor Alessandra and I had a blast! As we were leaving, an artist, an easel, and some amazing fashion illustrations happened to catch out eye ….

It was here that we were introduced to Beckie Di Leo, an amazingly talented local high school teacher who also has an extensive background in ‘live art’.

We were blown away by her personalized work! Come see why Beckie DiLeo is this week’s chic.toronto.fave.

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chic.toronto.fave: Kona Kare Inc

Kona Kare LogoWe’re long overdue for a chic.toronto.fave post, aren’t we?

This business is definitely worth the wait. KONA KARE is an all natural beauty product brand who’s craftmanship is as sophisticated as the quality of their products. A definite must have in any women’s beauty routine, come read why these luxurious balms were named the ‘Best Lip Balm of the Year‘ by Beauty Connexion.

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chic.toronto.fave: Ipsy

ipsy logo

Alessandra has this week’s chic.toronto.fave for us! Big thanks to her!


Recently there’s been a huge trend regarding make-up boxes and bags that are shipped straight to your door monthly containing an array of body and make-up products. I’ve always been a little skeptical about these and the products they offer, mainly the size of samples and the relativity to your own beauty favourites.  However, this past year I decided to try one out! I looked around online and came across Ipsy, formerly known as “MyGlam”. The beauty guru behind this bag is actually Michelle Phan, the Queen of YouTube beauty tutorials. I’ve watched her tutorials for years and she knows her make-up! Knowing this I figured she would be the go-to person for this trend of make-up boxes.

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chic.toronto.fave: Thriftbooks


Let me let you in on a little secret.

You don’t always have to pay full price for books.

Don’t get my wrong, Chapters Indigo is my favourite store out there. But when you’re an avid reader (like me), paying between $15.00 – $30.00 CAN per book can be a little overwhelming and not too good for your bank account. Besides borrowing from the library, there are other options in which you can purchase physical books (I scoff at e-readers; I’m still not converted) at a fraction of the cost. Thriftbooks is one of the best places online to get popular books on the cheap.

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chic.toronto.fave: Eco Chic Movement

Eco Chic Movement

It’s seems like only lately have we begun to realize that what goes on your skin also goes in your body. We’re now taking notice that all those harmful chemicals in our cosmetics and beauty products are just as harmful to our health as fast food.

Luckily for us, there are a few amazing cosmetic and beauty companies that are catering to this niche in the market. Eco Chic Movement, a high end beauty boutique, is one of them, and they are this week’s chic.toronto.fave.

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chic.toronto.fave: MStevensonDesigns Lockets

MStevensonDesigns LogoLockets have come a long way.

MStevensonDesigns on etsy showcase lockets in a new, intriguing, and drop-dead gorgeous way. Once you see how amazing her designs are, you’ll want a locket for yourself. Stunning, vintage, and one of a kind, make a statement with MStevensonDesigns lockets. Come see why they are this week’s chic.toronto.fave.

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chic.toronto.fave: Lollia by Margot Elena

Lollia Logo

This week’s chic.toronto.fave comes from a random encounter in the Distillery District. While waiting for a recent event, I was browsing the tiny shops and stores that line the infamous district in Toronto. I came upon a store that showcased Lollia products.

In a word – divine.

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