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If you remember from a few chic.toronto.faves posts ago, WANTABLE is a monthly subscription box for either beauty or jewellery that is specifically catered to you. By simply taking a quiz, you get to pick your own preferences in terms of beauty and jewellery likes to ensure that you get a box that totally screams ‘you‘.

In the past, I’ve had a subscription to the WANTABLE jewellery box (see review here) and I adored it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it was to get jewellery in the mail every month. It was always a special surprise! Yet I was always curious about the beauty side of the website.

I was lucky enough to get exclusive access to a beauty box that was specifically catered to me. How did I like it? Read on!

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If you remember from a few chic.toronto.fave posts back, Wantable is a monthly subscription box that ups the ante by providing jewellery as opposed to the normal beauty picks. The second I knew it shipped to Canada, I bought a monthly suscription.

With the ability to customize your box and choose a preference of jewellery and accessories, it’s hard not to love the box created for you. See below the cut for June’s Wantable jewellery box.

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chic.toronto.fave: WantableCo

wantable logoThis week’s chic.toronto.fave is an amazing new monthly subscription box out of the US. I recently signed up, and I just had to spread the word. 

Welcome to – a monthly beauty or style subscription catered specifically to you after a personality quiz. Even better? You’ve got a choice of what kind of subscription box you want – either full sized makeup or limited edition jewellery. Yes, you heard right – jewellery. 

Gone are the predictable monthly makeup boxes. showcases a new way to look at monthly subscriptions – through the eyes of personalized accessories and jewellery. For this week’s chic.toronto.fave, I’ll be focusing solely on the jewellery aspect of this wonderful site. 

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