style.picks: 6 Shoes for Winter 2013

6 Shoes For You

Let’s chat about one of my favourite things ever – shoes.

A few months ago, I did a post called ‘The 10 Shoes You Need To Have In Your Wardrobe‘ that is still popular today. Shoes can play a great way in either completing your wardrobe and giving your a little bit of a morale boost during the day. Unfortunately during the winter months, all those pretty multi-coloured ballet flats and sandals that we love so much get put away. Just because you can’t rock your favourite wedges doesn’t mean that shoe style has to go out the window! I’ve got some picks for Winter Shoes that you need to have in your wardrobe without sacrificing style (and comfort)!

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style.picks: Kate Spade for Chapters Indigo

Kate Spade Chapters

The store that steals the majority of my paycheques is, and always has been, CHAPTERS INDIGO

As an avid reader, I’ve spent many hours and many paycheques within the walls of my local Chapters. When CHAPTERS INDIGO expanded to include a pretty damn impressive home decor section, my paycheque bled a little bit more every month. Now a one stop shop for all your literary, home decor, and office supplies, Chapters Indigo continues to impress with a very high-fashion and darn-cute collection in collaboration with the great KATE SPADE.

The KATE SPADE for CHAPTERS INDIGO collection is a smattering of paper and home decor needs that will have you absolutely squealing over the ‘pretty’. Come see the entire covetable (and did I mention affordable?) collection behind the cut.

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style.picks: H&M for Winter

h&m store

I’m OBSESSED with H&M – I think it’s singlehandedly one of the best stores nationwide for everything from basics to evening wear. And with it’s affordable pricing, it’s one of the best places to shop on a budget.

With winter coming up, it’s time to start stocking up on your winter accessories. Last week, I was attempting to do just that and ran into a beautiful knitted wool beret cap at a small shop…for $100.00 CAN. I was floored! I couldn’t believe something as simple as a hat could cost so much, and with being on a budget, it just wasn’t feasible to drop that kind of cash on something I’d probably lose during the winter.

My first thought?

I’ll find the H&M equivalent“.

Searching the H&M website, I’m pleasantly surprised to find 219 different accessories available for women. Come see my top picks for winterizing your wardrobe……on an affordable budget!

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style.picks: Pantone Colours for Fall – Vivacious Accessories

Pantone Colour Report Fall 2013

In terms of the Pantone Fall Colours Report, Vivacious is one hell of a statement colour!

I can see this colour being a bit tricky for us ladies (ahem, pale ladies) to completely pull off – therefore, I see it as more of a pop of colour statement! This deep fuchsia colour is an instant eye-grabber – whether your rocking a deep pair of stilettos or a vibrant lip, Vivacious is going to catch your eye.

I’ve got a couple ways that we can incorporate Vivacious (or if you want, fuchsia) into our wardrobe, without blinding strangers on the street! Keep reading!

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style.picks: Blazer Bazaar


If you work, you’re most likely going to need a professional blazer of some sort. Blazer’s can dress up any single outfit, guaranteed. They can be the fundamental difference between having a work appropriate outfit, and not. With the upcoming Fall months upon us, a blazer can also be the definition between freezing and staying comfortably stylish.

Now, blazer’s have come a long way since the shoulder-pad times of the 80’s. Fear not – blazer’s now come in a variety of different size, shapes, colours and patterns to fit any women’s needs.

Come see my favourite blazers for the upcoming Fall months below!

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style.picks: Pantone Colours for Fall – Samba

Pantone Colour Report Fall 2013

The Pantone Colour system has released their shades for Fall 2013 – and they’re perfection!

These are the colours that you will find in the Fall & Winter 2013 colour palettes – meaning that they’ll be all over your favourite stores in the upcoming months. Seeing as most of the shades are jewel tones, they aren’t hard colours to pull off. The first colour that caught my eye? Samba – a delightfully deep and dramatic shade that borders on colour pigments from wine, burgundy, merlot and crimson. In fact, you can already see this specific colour seeping into stores nationwide.

How can you incorporate Samba into your closet? Read on!

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style.picks: LazyPants F/W 2013 Preview

lazypants F:W 2013

Who says sweatpants have to be boring, neutral, and just for exercising? LazyPants offer you the ability to relax and ‘veg out’ in style, all while providing the comfort and wearability of regular sweatpants.

chic.toronto is lucky enough to get a peek at the LazyPants F / W 2013 collection; keep reading!

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style.picks: eliasz and ella F/W 2013 Collection

Eliasz and Ella Logo

If you remember from past chic.toronto.faves, eliasz and ella is an Albertan based jewellery company that specialize in jewellery for the ‘urban soul’. One look at their collection and you’ll fall in love just as quickly as I did – their pieces are unique, glittery, and such a fun addition to any style wardrobe.

I am lucky enough to provide you with a sneak peak of eliasz and ella’s F / W 2013 campaign. Full of vibrant gemstones and intricate animal pieces, find one that suits your style today.

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style.picks: Quirky Accessories for Summer


Summer is the best time to break out all of those quirky and amazingly fun accessories you may not be able to wear the other times of the year. From fun hats to quirky sunglasses, I’ve got 8 style.picks you’ll need in your wardrobe immediately.

Read on!

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